Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 2nd-May 8th

A lot of stuff happened this past week! I probably should have posted earlier but better late than never. Oscar had to go to the vet on Monday to get his teeth cleaned and get a couple pulled. He was all drugged up but he did good and is recovering well-less 2 teeth. He has little shaved areas on his arms where they put the IV in :(.

On Saturday, my little sister Katy lost her first State Cup Game. I don't know if she has ever lost a game in State Cup before! They were up 2-0 before going down 3-2. They came back with 2 minutes left and tied it up. They went through two scoreless halves of OT before heading to PK's. They lost in PK's but Katy played really well and even assisted the first goal with a beautiful pass. It was super hot at the game but I wore SPF 70 and did not get burned! 
(That is my older sister Kim next to me...due in about a month!)

Due to the loss, she had to play again on Sunday to stay in the tournament. They beat a team from Tucson so they are still in!

On Saturday afternoon, my older sister Kim and I headed over to SandBar at Desert Ridge for an afternoon with a bunch of girls from our soccer team. It was great seeing everyone...I  just wish I could have had a few beers too!

On Sunday, Justin and our amazing brother-in-law Mark Dinslage put the flooring down in our baby's nursery. There is still a little work to be done (i.e. baseboards) but they look great. We are so lucky to have such an amazing family and really appreciated Mark's help. Here are a few pics of the process and the floors now...

P.S. Two more days till we find out...boy or girl??????

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