Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gymboree Play and Learn Class

On Saturday morning (after my 8 mile run!) my sister and I took the babies to a Gymboree Play and Learn Class. You can try one out for free and you know I love free stuff so we decided to go. When we got there the class was just starting so we jumped in a circle around the mats with quite a few other parents and babies. That was definitely my first impression of the class...it was pretty full. As soon as the instructor started singing, I thought my 9 month pregnant sister was going to murder me. That lady was singing like she was in an opera. It was soooo loud. It was a bit much. After a little introduction the babies worked on walking over different structures. Everly and Cameron both seemed a little overwhelmed in the beginning but they did good, and we both knew that these activities were good for their development.  

Walking up the ramp together

BFFS for Life
Next they played with some stimulating toys and noisemakers. Cam jumped right in without hesitation. He loves making noise. I'm suprised he didn't start throwing stuff too!

Next was the parachute. Everly has experienced the parachute before in some of the free Library play time her daddy has taken her to. In this class they ride on top and then they play underneath also. You can't see that well in this photo below, but Everly is having the time of her life!
All in all, I definitely atleast reccommend going to the free one if you have one by you. They have several different classes based on your babies age and it is great for their development. For me, it is out of my price range and budget, but I am glad we went. As we were leaving, Cameron made a mad dash for this ramp and just started climbing up it. These ramps are kind of steep and slippery! He is so strong! Also, I am so grateful that my baby has other babies to play with on a regular basis. One of the moms in the class said this was her daughter's only socialization with other kids and it made me realize how fortunate I am that it is not the same case for Everly! 

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