Thursday, February 4, 2016

Catholic Schools Week

This week it is Catholic Schools week for the Diocese of Phoenix so Everly has had a lot going on all week. They also have the book fair going on as well. On Monday she went to the fair and got to fill out a list and pick out all of the books she wanted. She picked out almost $50 worth of books, haha! On Tuesday I used my lunch break and ran over to take her to pick out some books. She was so excited and it was fun to treat her. It was also parent appreciation day that day so I received a gift she made for Justin and I. It was so cute but after school she wanted to eat the granola bar and had a hard time understanding that you can't take back a gift you gave to someone, haha. Today was Grandparent's Day and my mom met her at school and went to mass with her. After mass she made a craft for my mom. My mom also let her pick out a couple more books at the book fair. That girl sure is spoiled!
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