Monday, February 22, 2016


Last week I had some extra time at home and Everly had off of school so I was able to join my sister at story time at the library. We go occasionally on weeknights at the Glendale library by our house but it had been a while since we went to a daytime story time at Juniper library. I had some Phoenix Public Library books to return as well so it worked out. Teddy was at preschool so it was just Cameron and the girls. Aspen had a lot of fun sitting in her aunty Kim's lap and singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. Everly played shy for most of the class for who knows what reason. Cameron was pretty into story time as well and was very good at putting away the sticks and shakers we used during songs...even taking them from other kids at times, haha. It was nice getting out of the house for a bit and I even treated Everly to a cheeseburger at Sonic on our way home. She didn't even really deserve it but I am just such a nice mom, haha!

matching cuties. it's getting real warm in AZ.
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Aspen stole a fry!

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