Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Bunny Pictures

I have lots to post and share about our Easter weekend but I just wanted to do a quick post to share the pictures from visiting the Easter Bunny at the mall last week. My sister and I kind of decided at the last minute to go last Thursday and so we met at the mall before dinner. There were two different places to take the picture, one with and one without the bunny. Aspen did fine without the bunny but the girl was nearly hyperventilating in the picture with the bunny. Seriously she was having a panic attack. It was so sad. Teddy was a little suspicious as well but probably just because Aspen was freaking out. Everly did great and gave the Easter Bunny multiple hugs and Cam did good as well considering he was tired and didn't really want to sit on the bench. To be honest, I can't really blame Aspen because the Easter bunny is pretty creepy looking but it was sooo sad to see her so upset. Hopefully she gets a little more brave before we go to Disneyland in the fall!

Teddy and the egg props!!!
BS_ARROWHEAD TOWNE_20160324_000005_P
sorry, Aspen!
The way Ted is looking as Aspen...haha.

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