Thursday, March 3, 2016

Easter Gifts

I was so excited when the girl's Easter gifts came in the mail this week. I wanted to get them monogrammed bunny rabbits last year for Easter but I didn't get my stuff together in time so I didn't end up doing it. This year I did get it together and they came so fast! I got the bunnies from a shop called Peek-a-Whoo that does monogramming. You can get super soft JellyCat bunnies almost anywhere now (Amazon, Nordstrom, etc.) but it was easy to just order them through Peek-a-Whoo and have them monogrammed at the same time. They make them in lots of different colors (and also have more than just bunny rabbits) so at first I couldn't decide what colors. I personally like the more simple colors but Justin and my sisters all suggested that we do pink and purple for the girls so that is what I went with. They are seriously the softest stuffed animals and the monogramming turned out great. I can't wait to see how much the girls love them when we surprise them on Easter in a couple of weeks!

soooo cute and soft!
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