Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. We have really loved Everly's experience with preschool at St. Gregory's so I could not miss out on the opportunity to let her teacher's know how much we appreciate them. I kind of did these last minute after I saw someone else post about these on social media. The idea came from Pinterest and I am sure you can find a million other teacher appreciation gift ideas on their as well which hopefully I will plan well and do this in more advance next year. My sister also gave her boys teacher's a cute pinterest-y gift which is below as well. Everly also goes to the aftercare program at her school so we made enough of these for her teacher's there as well and since they were so quick and easy it was really no big deal. Also, it was really fun to have Everly work on signing each of the cards. This year she will be signing all of her birthday thank-you's! Here is how they turned out:

This flavor of gum also happens to be my favorite!
Untitled Untitled
the gift my sister did which is great if you have girl teachers!

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