Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Weekend in Review

As I write this now it is hitting 100 degrees outside but last weekend we had some amazingly overcast and cool weather and even a little rain. Friday night I had a ridiculously late soccer game (way past my bed time). I still woke up early Saturday morning to run with my sister. We drove out to Scottsdale and ran 9 miles so that when we were done we could visit my sister and niece in the hospital. It worked out good and I spent a couple of hours at the hospital which was nice. We got some cleaning done and Justin did yard work and then Everly and I went to church while Aspen was still napping. It was raining pretty hard as we went into church but was done by the time we got out. She got to put her rain boots to use and jumped in some puddles in the parking lot. Sunday morning I slept in which was glorious. I love sleeping and naps are my favorite, haha. I did some shopping at the outlets with my mom and sisters but other than that it was a pretty mellow Sunday. We are hosting a sip n see for my sister and baby Nora in a week and a half so we need to get some more cleaning up done this weekend too. All I want for Mother's Day is a clean house, haha.

the best running weather
thank you for agreeing to run with me!

I guess I missed my marathon training runs
Untitled Untitled
Nora, please don't hate us for being sweaty when we held you.
Untitled Untitled
Nora and Mae, almost exactly one year apart.
Untitled Untitled
My sister uses the same pediatrician we grew up with and snuggles with my baby.
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