Monday, July 10, 2017

Friday at Dave & Buster's!

On Friday I had the day off but I knew we were going to be having record heat so I planned to go to Dave & Buster's with the girls to stay in the air conditioning! I had some gift cards too so it worked great because it didn't cost me anything. I actually still have some gift cards left so I will be going back but just with Everly. Aspen was a little overwhelmed by all of the lights and noise and was a lot more needy than I would have liked so it was harder to play with Everly. Even some games where all she had to do was press a big button, she didn't want to do. She did really like ski ball though so she did have fun. She also liked that game where you drop coins in and hope they push other coins off the ledge. It's probably the most lame game. Everly on the other hand had a blast. She was bouncing around from game to game. She also really loves ski ball but did great on the football game too as well as some more video game type games. The girls had plenty of points to get some prizes after. Everly used most of the points on a puppy but Aspen was happy with some cheap bracelets and a bouncy ball so it was a success! Can't wait to take Everly back!
These girls in matching dresses just kills me! Will they hate me for it some day? Maybe!

Untitled Untitled
The game on the right is my favorite. Everly won 500 tickets on her first try
Aspen could have played ski ball all day
Untitled Untitled
The girls with their prizes!

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