Sunday, June 5, 2011

22 Weeks

So far I have been feeling pretty good throughout this whole pregnancy. A couple of weeks ago at my regular OB appointment they reviewed my last ultrasound and thought that the bowels looked brighter than they should. The referred me to a specialist to question the possibility of Everly having Echogenic bowels. Apparently this means that on the ultrasound, the bowels appear very bright and are even brighter than the bones. Echogenic bowels can be a sign of several other abnormalities. We met with the specialist last Friday and they did a very thorough ultrasound and were convinced by the end of it that Everly does not have echogenic bowels. Justin and I were definitely relieved. We were also excited because we got another ultrasound and got to see Everly again. This is a cute shot of her. I think she has Justin's nose!

We added a few items to Everly's nursery this weekend. We installed a stainless steel shelf over the changing table...

We also got a new rug for her room. Oscar loves the rug! 

We also bought some shelving for inside her closet and will hopefully be organizing that next week. I can't wait until we start hanging art, too! Hopefully my next post will be all about the arrival of Everly's cousin Cameron! 

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