Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hiking with the Puppies

Wow! Today was probably the most eventful hiking trip we have ever had. Justin and I invited my mom to go hiking with us this morning. I assumed that my 39 week pregnant sister would not be joining, but I was wrong. I was definitely surprised to see her there. The hike started off good. The pups loved it and even cooperated for this photo at the top. 
It was on the way back down that things got crazy. My mother, sister and brother-in-law have hiked this area before and take a slightly different route on the way down. For maybe 500 yards they go off trail so I am just following along. I walked past a little cactus making sure that my dog didn't eat it and then I hear my mom yell because she walked right through it. I looked back and she had a big piece of cactus stuck in her leg. It looked nasty. At this time, all eyes are on her. Her golden retriever Alix, who was off of her leash at the time, then walked right through the rest of the cactus. So now my little sister Katy is slightly freaking out because her dog has cactus stuck in her. So Katy works on helping Alix and my brother-in-law works on helping my mom. In the meantime Kim and I walk a head a few yards to keep our dogs from getting into anything. Then all of the sudden Kim starts feeling dizzy and is leaning on me and wants to sit down. So she sits down right in the middle of the dirt. Eventually, Doug gets all of the cactus out of my mom's leg and Katy helps Alix. Kim was not feeling well for probably a few reasons. One, it was hot! Two, she ate 2 doughnuts before the hike. Three, she is 39 weeks pregnant! You will not see me hiking at 39 weeks pregnant. Kim ended up just needing a few minutes and she was okay, but let's hope nothing like that ever happens again. So here are the things we learned from our hike today:

1. Do not hike at 39 weeks pregnant.
2. Do not go off trail.
3. Do not eat doughnuts before a hike in 100+ degree weather.
4. Do not let your dog off of their leash.

Good news, our puppies were exhausted after their hike. Mission accomplished!

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