Friday, June 17, 2011

Cameron Rohr: 7.139 lbs/20.5 in.

Today was the day we finally got to meet our newest nephew, Cameron Rohr. He was born at 9:24 this morning after my sister Kim had an emergency c-section. He is so cute. He has dark hair and chubby little cheeks.

Everything seemed to be going well and little Cameron was being so sweet and squirming around. He even ate a little. They were running some tests on him and decided they wanted to do more tests in the NICU. They determined that he was not getting quite enough oxygen on his own and they wanted to monitor him and do some more tests on him so they are keeping him in there for 48 hours. My sister Kim is recovering well from her surgery and we can't wait until Cameron is out and home. His puppy Barkleigh is waiting to meet him! Here is a picture of me holding him and I am sure I will be posting lots more pictures soon!

Also, here is a video of the little squirmer in cute! 

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