Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Remi!

Last Saturday we helped celebrate my niece's son Remi's 1st Birthday. Unfortunately, I don't have a ton of pictures but that just means I was too busy having fun. It was a summer/beach ball theme so there was lots of pool time. My sister-in-law kept it simple with hot dogs and hamburgers and a couple of her friends brought some yummy sides, too. Lots of people came so it was fun to catch up with a lot of family that we don't see as often. Everly had a blast playing with Justin's cousin's kids. Remi inhaled his birthday cupcake. It was pretty amazing. Everly helped Remi open his birthday presents...well, basically she just opened them all, haha. It was a fun day and we are so happy we could share in Remi's day! Also, this makes me sad because now it means my baby is almost 1!!!!!

Party favors
IMG_8430 IMG_8429 IMG_8432
IMG_8431 IMG_8433 IMG_8437
Birthday Boy!
IMG_8439 IMG_8440

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