Friday, July 10, 2015

A mid-month Update

So basically in the past week Aspen had hit all kinds of awesome baby milestone's so I wanted to do a little mid-month update. We have been working on lots of little things with her ( I call them tricks) and it didn't seem like she was picking it up until last weekend she decided to do everything. Late last week we caught her standing up at the tub (previously she only got up on to her knees). She still doesn't do it a lot but we know she can. Then she started clapping, putting her arms up for "So Big" when we ask her "How big are you?" and she is waving hi. It was a big weekend for her. Also, I thought I saw something in her gums like a tooth was close but still couldn't feel it and then yesterday after work I felt it. She is finally cutting her first tooth on the bottom! She has definitely been more fussy than normal, but nothing horrible at all. She is still the sweetest little angel baby. Below are a few videos of her new tricks and the first glimpse of her first tooth!

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