Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekend in Review

We got in a lot of activities last weekend. It all started off bright and early Saturday morning with a trip to the Zoo for the Winter in July event. We had not been to the zoo in a while and to this event in a few years so it was fun. We got there around 6:15. Crazy, I know! The zoo opens to the public at 7:00 but as members we get to skip the crowds and get in early and it is totally worth it. By the time we left they were using the overflow parking which includes a 10-15 minute walk to even get to the zoo. For the winter in July even they put snow out for the kids to play with as well as in several of the animals exhibits. They gave the tiger a "bloodsicle" but it really looked like a "fishsicle." Everly had fun throwing snowballs and at the splashpad. We also got to see a 4-d 15 minute showing of the Polar Express. Aspen jumped a bit during the show but it was pretty cute and who doesn't love Christmas in July?!? After the zoo it was still early in the morning so we picked up donuts and headed over to my sister's to hang out. Later in the afternoon we went to the mall to get my niece's ears pierced. The kids all did really great at the mall and Mae did pretty good with her ears as well. They had a bottle ready for her and I would say it was less painful then we my mom and I got Everly's done! On Sunday I got up and met my sister's and a friend to run 8 miles at 4:45 a.m. I followed that off with a donut. The rest of the day was spent cleaning/grocery shoppping/napping before we met my family up for a birthday dinner. My birthday was the 10th followed by my sister on the 13th and my brother on the 20th so we headed to Grimaldi's. The pizza was delicous. We had none leftover, haha. We even managed to get a decent group photo which is extremely rare. We ended the weekend with some splashing and rainbow chip cake!
IMG_8694 IMG_8689

                     IMG_8730 IMG_8724

tiger in the background, Aspen sleeping in the Ergo
Winter in July!
IMG_8736 IMG_8735 
Splashpad fun!
                     IMG_8739 IMG_8746
Mae using Auntie Kim's chin as a binky and Everly holding Mae. 
Left the #nsale with some cute goods.
yes, yes I do.
Sometimes he likes me. 

                    IMG_8759  IMG_8760

our squad

twinsies! Justin has a matching suit, too.

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