Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Last week I was able to go to a conference in Sedona for work. Justin and the girls came up to enjoy the hotel and surroundings as well. I hate being away from them so it was a win-win. The conference is held at the Hilton Sedona which is a beautiful resort. The rooms are suites which is perfect because Aspen was able to sleep in her own room. That way we didn't wake her up when we got ready to workout or watching T.V. before bed. Our room was right by the pool which Everly loved. She kept asking to go swimming. It was just really nice to be away from the normal office routine for a few days.
working on my self-timer skills
IMG_8647 IMG_8649IMG_8657 IMG_8653 IMG_8654
IMG_8660 IMG_8665 IMG_8666 IMG_8667
cutest little sleeper

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