Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Foothills Aquatics Center Video

Ever since Everly and I first visited the aquatics center a few weeks ago I had been telling my sister she needed to bring the boys because they would have a blast. We finally all went last weekend and had a lot of fun. I really wish that it opened earlier (Saturdays it opens at noon) but other than that I love it. We brought the go pro and although I am still learning how to use it, I think we got some great shots. Justin even jumped in off of the diving board with it. While we were there the whistles started blowing and everyone had to get out of the pool because a kid fell (he was totally fine) but that is what Everly is talking about at the end of the video. Teddy asked, "what was that sound" about 90 times even though he knew it was a whistle. Toddlers! I am pretty sure everyone napped fantastically after that, myself included.

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