Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Foothills Neighborhood Halloween Event (and IHOP)

As I have mentioned earlier, we were really trying to get full use out of the kids Disney costumes this year so the day before Halloween we went to an event at the Foothills Aquatic Center by my house. Before we headed up there we took advantage of the free kids scary face pancakes at IHOP. Who doesn't love pancakes? The Halloween event cost $4 but that basically paid for your candy so if you didn't want the candy you could do almost everything for free. Pottery painting and the train rides were a couple of bucks each if you wanted to do that. Next year I will definitely pass on the candy because no one needs that. They had some bounce houses and carnival type games which were fun. They also had some sort of eating contest and next year we for sure are going to enter the kids in that! They had a whole free arts area where the kids could do crafts and then a really cool train being pulled by a tractor out front. The kids loved this! There were a lot of people there but it was not overwhelming at all. If they do it again next year I think it is definitely something we will do again.

IMG_1354 IMG_1355
pancakes and Halloween snapchat
IMG_1359 IMG_1356 IMG_1364 IMG_1366 
IMG_1372 IMG_1378
Minnie Mouse Aspen
IMG_1391 IMG_1388
Mae spit up on me several times but seemed pretty content in my new Wildbird sling.
Art projects...and yes, Ted brought the fire truck with him...
Our little Belle.
IMG_1395 IMG_1397
These things were too much fun!

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