Friday, November 6, 2015

Principal's Award

Every Friday the students at Everly's school go to Mass but today was a special day because after Mass they were handing out awards for the first quarter. I had gotten a letter a little over a week ago letting us know that Everly would be receiving the Principal's Award for her preschool class for the 1st Quarter. They only pick one kid from the class so we were so proud of her when we found out. At the parent-teacher conference last week her teacher's had nothing but great things to say about her progress and behavior in class. That is nice to here because it is definitely no easy job parenting Everly and she can be a handful at home sometimes. We are very proud of how good she is doing at school. I attended Mass with her this morning and my brother-in-law and niece came as well. They brought her flowers which was so sweet. It was so cute to see her participate in church. They also had alumni at the mass who graduated from the school in 1960 which was really neat too. They all had wonderful things to say about the education they received as well. That was pretty neat to see. Everly did so good when they called her name to receive her award. She wasn't shy at all. She is one cute little preschooler and we love her!

IMG_1589 IMG_1595 
Little Princess
IMG_1615 IMG_1605 

                     IMG_1603 IMG_1598
She also had perfect attendance!

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