Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Half Marathon #3 and lots of new PRs!

Last Sunday I ran my 3rd Half-Marathon. I started running regularly 3 years ago and ran my first half marathon at this exact race 2 years ago. It was hard but I also pushed myself really hard. I felt like I had nothing left at the end which is different for me. I like to finish strong but this race I wanted to be DONE. Justin and my sister also ran this race. When I ran my first half marathon 2 years ago I was very proud to finish under 2 hours. My second half (here) I was 13 weeks pregnant and finished a couple of minutes over 2 hours. This race, I broke almost all of my records (not my farthest or longest run). My official time was 1:51:43 which was 5 minutes faster than my previous personal record. I also ran my fastest mile (the 1st mile), fasted 5k, and fastest 10k. Can't be mad about any of that. The weather was great (slightly cool and still dark when we arrived) and the course is pretty flat. It is so funny how much goes through your head when you run one of these. I kept thinking how crazy I am to be signed up for a full marathon (next February). If this was still so hard for me, I would surely die in a full, but then I remind myself how hard I pushed myself and that I won't do that in the full. Training for this half was really the beginning stages of training for my full which still scares me on a regular basis. I have to remind myself that people do marathons all of the time, so I will be fine. What a crazy, mental sport running is! Here are some photos from the morning:

IMG_1499 IMG_1505
Pre-race darkness and photos
me crossing the finish line
IMG_1521 IMG_1511
my watch telling me I smashed records
Krys finishing her 3rd half marathon (2 of which have been done in the past 6 months post-partum)
my new medal hanging with all the others in my office

Here are some of the race photos:
IMG_1631 IMG_1629 

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