Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weekend in Review

We had a great weekend. Justin left Thursday night to camp and run at Ragnar Trail AZ so we didn't see him until Saturday afternoon. Friday night we met my mom and the boys at Freddie's. Teddy and Ev were being so cute and playing and Aspen and Cameron were much too busy eating EVERYTHING. Those two were shoveling food in. Saturday morning Everly woke up with a hive-like rash all over her legs and on her arms and so I gave her Benadryl and a shower and she seemed fine. I packed the girls up in the jogging stroller for my first time actually running with it. I usually run before they are awake so I never use it for that but with Justin gone this was my only option. I ran 2.5 miles to Home Depot where I met my sister for the kids workshop. My brother-in-law was nice enough to come and help because it is hard to do that without your husband. Basically the adults to the building and the kids do "some" painting. They love it though and its free so we keep going. After the kids built their planes I ran the 2.5 miles back with the girls and they both fell asleep. I was surprised at how well I ran (about a 9:20 pace). My arms did get a little tired but the stroller really is pretty easy to push. We have THIS double jogging stroller. Saturday afternoon after Justin got home, we went to open swim at Hubbard. It was free if you brought in some canned food so we took advantage of that. My girls don't take year round swim lessons so it was fun to get back in the pool. Saturday night we went to Justin's sister's to watch the Nebraska football game and Everly started to spike a fever. We only lasted half the game before we had to call it a night but my sister in law made some yummy chili! Everly's fever was off an on all day Sunday but she wanted to come to my soccer game so we all went as a family. Sunday night she worked on her homework project of decorating her Turkey with Aunty Kim (who has all the teacher-y crafty things). Aspen and Mae also got some play time in Sunday night now that Mae can sit up. At one point Aspen sat on Mae's head and she didn't like it so much but other that that they played great. Everly turned in her homework Monday but is still fighting her fever/cough so hopefully she can kick that soon!

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Thanks Uncle Mark!
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