Monday, June 13, 2016

Baby Signing Storytime

Last Friday I was off from work and my sister needed a little help with my niece Mae in the morning so while Everly was at summer camp I took Aspen and Mae to a special sign language focused story time for babies. It was a little bit interesting because Aspen was teething and Mae fell asleep on the car ride over but it wasn't too bad. Mae just wanted to cuddle for a bit but eventually warmed up. Aspen is still having a hard time sharing with other kids which is not something we dealt with when Everly was this age so hopefully she grows out of this phase soon. She shares when it is on her terms but only then. Storytime ended with lots of toys and bubbles so it was all worth it. Mae fell asleep again on the way home (only a 7 minute drive) and Aspen told me "shhh" when I went to get her out of the car. They are 9 month apart and while that once felt like a big gap it is feeling smaller and smaller as they get older. I hope they appreciate having cousins so close in age as they grow up!

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Sometimes this stage is hard but man they are cute!
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Mae slept for like 3 hours after that and Aspen and I had some quiet time before her nap.

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