Thursday, June 2, 2016

Preschool Graduation 2016

Yesterday, Everly had her Preschool graduation celebration at St. Gregory's. I can't say enough good things about how wonderful this school year was for her. Most importantly she got a head start on her religious education which she will continue at our parish in the fall. She would not have gotten that at any other preschool and it was not something I felt knowledgeable enough in teaching her. She also made a lot of progress with her letter recognition and sounds and can spell some words even. She can spell and write her full name and knows the sounds of most if not all of the letters. We also really loved all of the extra activities she was involved in such as taking sign language classes, soccer club, the Christmas Pageant, Catholic Schools week and the jog-a-thon. We are going to miss St. Gregory's a lot but determined that in the long run it was best for our family for her to switch to a public Kindergarten now. The celebration yesterday was pretty short but it was cute. They sang a few songs and received their certificates and had some refreshments. We surprised her with flowers, balloons and a new pair of earrings. We are so proud of her!
This girl is perfect!
Untitled Untitled
So cute!
Untitled Untitled
Receiving her certificate and with her best friend Ella.
Untitled Untitled
With her teacher Ms. Amerika and baby Aspen.

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