Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Cameron

Last week Cameron turned 5 but Sunday we finally celebrated it with some pool time and bagels which he loves equally. He gets his hair cut at a salon next to the bagel place and a couple of weeks ago he walked out of the hair salon, walked into the bagel place and sat down at a table until he got his bagel. Such a determined little boy. Can't blame him either because I love bagels! He is such a little fish and does great in the water. Ev had fun splashing with her cousins and Aspen really loved the cookie cake. Like, screamed bloody murder when we took it away. My sister is renting a house for her last year of college with another girl and it is in the neighborhood I used to live in so we used that community pool. It was fun and a little cooler than mine since it is much bigger which was nice considering the heat. We love our big boy Cameron and hope he had a great birthday!
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Mae crying because we wouldn't give her Ev's milk
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Little chocolate monster
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Nora and Ted

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