Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Daddy Daughter Date

Last Friday night Justin planned a date night for him and Everly. CityScape in downtown Phoenix does a free movie night once a month and last Friday it was Finding Nemo in preparation for the sequel, Finding Dory coming out this week. It sounds like it would be really hot but it was slightly overcase and Everly got to play in the splashpad before eating dinner and watching the movie so Justin said it actually wasn't that bad. They got their early and got a seat in the front but it was actually a little loud so if you ever go to one, sit farther back. Justin also treated Everly to some frozen yogurt after the movie so she was really excited. I had a soccer game that night so my mom watched Aspen during my game and we all got home around the same time. I really enjoy my one on one time with Everly shopping and running errands but Justin doesn't always get as many of those opportunities so I am really glad they got to have this time together. She is at a really fun age right now and lucky that she has a great Papa that wants to spend time with her.

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Love these two!

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