Thursday, December 10, 2015

St. Gregory Christmas Pageant

Last night Everly had her Christmas Pageant at school. She has been practicing her songs for weeks now. The first song that she sang with the other preschool class and Kindergarten class is called "The Friendly Beats." I had never heard of it before but it is cute and they started out the pageant with their song. I did get some video but it was hard because I was sitting in the back. At the end she also sung Joy to the World with the entire school but we couldn't even see her. My mom came and brought her flowers. It really is amazing how fast they learn things. I feel like she picked up her songs so quickly. There music teacher does a great job. She is constantly coming home with new songs. They had been rehearsing in the church this week and I think she missed her nap because of it and on the way home she passed out and never woke back up until this morning. Girl was tired! She only has one more week of school before she goes on her winter break!

Here is the best I could make of the little video that I got and some pictures:

Untitled Untitled

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