Thursday, December 17, 2015

Santa Pictures 2015

Last night we took a quick trip to the mall to take pictures with Santa. My mom had to go to get a few things so she met us there with the boys and my sister came when she got off work. I made a reservation with Santa online through Arrowhead Mall and while we still had to wait a little, it did help. It was super easy, too so I recommend it. Everly was pretty excited to see Santa this year. She wrote her name on a letter to him while we waited in line and then told him what she wanted. Teddy was really great about talking to Santa too and Cam was just chill. Aspen cried immediately but stopped for a second when we moved her next to Everly. She looks sad in the picture but it is not as bad as Everly's from 2012 (here). I still love our picture from last year and I just noticed it is the exact same santa (here). Aspen definitely looks sad in the picture but it is not too bad! One more week until Christmas!
 SS_ARROWHEAD TOWNE_20151216_000005_P


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