Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Aspen's Surgery Update

So since Aspen was about 7 month old she has basically been on and off antibiotics for ear infections. It seriously felt like she constantly had one and most of the time the antibiotics did not clear it up. She has always been a good baby and been a good eater and sleeper so we honestly don't even know how many more she had that we didn't know about it. We of course tried not to compare her to Everly at the same age, but it was obvious that she was much quieter than her sister and even her younger cousin and it was likely because everything she was hearing was muffled and she was often in discomfort. At her 15 month checkup she had yet another ear infection so we finally got a referral to an ear nose and throat specialist. They determined that she did qualify for tubes in both ears and they would call us to schedule the surgery. After not getting a call for two weeks I finally called them and got her in for surgery. We had to be at the surgery center yesterday morning at 6 AM. Aspen was in a good mood despite the fact that we couldn't give her anything to eat or drink. She was being silly and cute and then when it was time to take her back, Justin went and I stayed with Everly in the lobby. Justin said it was not fun and I am not surprised because the last few appointments where they had to look in Aspen's ear's were not fun. She pretty much hates anyone in scrubs now. The whole procedure only took a few minutes and when the doctor came out to tell us it was done he said her ears were really pussy and infected. So gross and sad but I am glad she will finally have relief. I went back to get her and she was doing her super worked up scream/cry. I got her dressed and we ended up getting back home before 8 AM. Aspen at breakfast and Justin ended up going to work since we got done so fast. We are still putting ear drops in to clean out the excess drainage but she is doing fine. She was back at day care today and I called and they said she was fine. Hopefully we start to notice her talking more and more but honestly I am mostly just excited to not be constantly at the pediatricians office and constantly giving her antibiotics. Thanks to everyone who checked in on Aspen yesterday. We appreciate it! 
in her comfy sweats pre-surgery

not happy to be there
reunited with her papa
snacking on a cinnamon roll at the mall just hours after surgery.

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