Thursday, December 3, 2015

Last Day in Portland: Multnomah Falls

I still have to work on making the video from our time in Portland last month, but I wanted to do one last post about our last day of the trip. We rented a car this day so that we could drive the 30 miles to see Multnomah Falls and also to make it easier to get to the airport later. I went out for my run while Justin went to get the car and when I got back we picked up some coffee and headed out. The drive was super nice and we could see snow on some of the mountains. It really was a pretty drive. Getting to the falls is super easy and completely free. We were kind of shocked you didn't have to pay to park or anything. Multnomah Falls is apparently the 2nd highest waterfall in the US and the most visited recreation site in the Pacific Northwest according to USDA Forest Service (here). I am so glad we went because it is really beautiful and so different from what we are used to (although I have been to Niagara Falls). A lot of people just walk up to the bridge, take a few pictures and then leave but we chose to do the 1.2 mile hike up to the top. It was 11 switchbacks and while it was by no means a difficult hike, I had just run 7 miles that morning so it got my lungs working. It was a bit chilly as well, especially for us Arizonans. The view looking down the waterfall from the top is pretty cool as well as the view of the Columbia River but at least while we were there, most people did not hike up to the top (lazy or cold maybe). If you visit the area I definitely think it is worth your time to stop by!

Untitled Untitled
Pretty cool sight to drive up to.
Untitled Untitled
Bridge is only a 5 minute walk up.
Untitled Untitled
This hike was a little longer.
Untitled Untitled
almost there!
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Pretty crazy view!
Untitled Untitled
Leaves...because we are from Arizona.
Until next time, Oregon!

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