Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Cards 2015

I was on top of it with my Christmas Cards this year. We took our pictures back in September so that helps, too. I ordered my cards back in like October or early November and then put them in the mail the first week in December. I got the majority of my cards from Costco while they were on coupon. I also got a couple of fun designs from Shutterfly with some coupons but I only bought like 10 of each. I love Shutterfly but the Costco cards were like $30 for 50 cards with envelopes with the return address already on them so, yea. I don't know why but I just love sending out and receiving Christmas cards. Apparently my brother in law is also obsessed with getting them in the mail but I highly doubt he will help send them out. My mom said my grandpa liked to look at them all, too. I love paper products, I love pictures, I love mail and I love Christmas so its basically the best time of year.  Here are our 3 cards from this year:
This is the main card, front and back, from Costco.
This card actually has a shimmer and is really pretty, from Shutterfly.
I have wanted to do a "review" card for a while now so I finally made one. It is also from Shutterfly and I gave these to people we don't get to see often to update them on our year.

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