Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend in Review

Another weekend down and another weekend closer to the holidays! We didn't have a ton planned this weekend which was nice because it gave us some time to get some things done before it really gets crazy for the holidays. I went to bed early Friday night because on Saturday morning I had an early 11-mile marathon training run. I was meeting my friend in Scottsdale to run since we are training together. This was our first long run together and it could not have gone better. We talked for the first 9 miles and I have never done that before. It just zoomed by. I pushed myself for the last two-miles but I felt I could have easily gone longer. It is kind of scary to be training for my first full marathon because that is simply just a long time to be running for so that was nice. Hopefully all my training runs go that well! After I got home Saturday morning we met my sister at Home Depot for the December kids workshop. The kids made some little stacking blocks. It was a quick and easy craft. Saturday afternoon I stayed home while Justin went out and got a new truck. He paid off is Xb and had been looking at this truck for like a year so finally ended up getting it. Merry Christmas to him! Haha! Saturday night I went to church and then hung out at my sister's while Justin was out at our niece's birthday party in Tempe. I don't want to jinx it, but the girls really do well in church so I lucked out! Sunday morning I went grocery shopping with Everly who at an entire chocolate donut. She was bouncing off the walls later. I went to Ikea and got some Christmas presents before my last soccer game of the year. After the game we went straight to my sisters for dinner to celebrate her birthday. The Cardinals won yesterday so we got a pic of all the kids in their Cardinals outfits. Never an easy task but man, they are cute. Already excited about next weekend and the annual Great Cookie Extravaganza!

running along the canal and Scottsdale Waterfront.
Home Depot Kids Workshop
Choco donut face!
The cutest Yancone babies

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