Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Everly's Zookeeper Project

Everly had her first Kindergarten field trip last week to the Wildlife World Zoo. This week she turns in her first diorama project so last week we spent time working on it with her. They had to pick an animal and design a diorama to display their habitat. Everly picked a zebra immediately so we went with it. We picked up a few things at Michael's and Hobby Lobby and got to work. On Friday night we did the painting so it would have time to dry before adding all of the elements. My sister let us use her hot glue gun to add all of the heavier pieces. Aspen actually had a blast playing with the figurines. Hopefully she doesn't try to pull them off before Everly has to turn it in. Everly was very excited about the project and did a really great job. When we went to the Zoo on Friday she was recognizing animals from Africa because of what she has been learning. It is really cute to see her learn and I think her project turned out pretty good.

Untitled Untitled
Everly did that with the figurines...not Justin!
Untitled Untitled
Her Zebra drawing on the report just might be my favorite part but I also love the sun she drew in between the clouds.

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