Friday, November 4, 2016

Sephora Play!

I don't talk about it a ton on here but I am kind of obsessed with makeup. I have been since maybe 6th or 7th grade. The older I get, the more and more I enjoy learning about new things and techniques. I have also become a lot more obsessed with skincare for obvious reasons as well (30!). I very vividly remember the first time I went into Sephora in Las Vegas before they even had one in Arizona. I thought it was the most amazing thing ever and probably bought a pencil sharpener just so I thought I was cool. A couple of years ago I started going to Sephora to get my makeup done for special events like weddings and Vegas trips and even recently I have started occasionally taking classes at Sephora because they are free and fun. A couple of years ago my sister got me a 3 month subscription to BirchBox and I really liked it but not quite enough to continue on with it. Then earlier this year I saw that Sephora had their own subscription box called Sephora Play! and I just had to have it. I love getting free samples at Sephora and was so excited to try this box. Too bad there was a wait list. So, I entered my email and waited. I think it took over 6 months but I finally was able to subscribe and got my first box last month. I looooove it. If you love samples from Sephora, you will love this box. The box costs $10 and the samples are awesome. Great brands and sizes. It also comes with a card that you can use in store for 50 bonus beauty insider points on any purchase which is awesome. The saddest part is having to wait a month to get another box! Here are the items I got in my first box:

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