Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weekend in Review

We had a great 3-day weekend. It started off with the zoo on Friday and it was really nice to spend all day with the girls. Especially because I leave today for D.C. until Friday so I will miss them! Saturday morning I got up early to run with my sister because we have a 15k coming up in early December. We planned a 9-mile run that basically went nothing like we planned. Somewhere between 2.5 and 3 miles we were running by a car dealership and I saw a piece of metal on the ground but my sister didn't and somehow she got her feet stuck in it and completely tripped. It was a HARD fall and she completely scraped up her elbow and hand. She also hit her hip and ankle and is probably feeling sore today. I have fallen on the trails once but this is her 3rd time falling on the street while running. She is just straight clumsy and totally passed that trait on to her daughter! Poor Mae Mae! My mom was a saint and came to pick up my sister and I had to finish the next 6+ miles by myself, but I know I can't complain because at least I didn't get hurt! After I finished we took Mae to get bagels and eat them at my sisters house. The kids had fun playing together and then we had to head home so we could get ready to go to the NovemBeer festival. We planned to go to celebrate Justin's birthday which is this Friday. It was pretty warm when we first got there but once we got in we quickly got shade from the buildings downtown and it cooled off pretty quickly. By cooled off, I mean we weren't burning up out there but it was by no means fall weather! It was busy at the festival but we had a good group and had a good time. Thankfully my mom and sister helped with the girls so we could spend half the day gone. The girls don't mind at all. They love spending time with Grandma and their cousins. Sunday morning I had a soccer game and got some shopping done before watching the Cardinals game at home and enjoying chili for dinner. Today I head out to Washington, D.C. for work for the rest of the week and I sure am going to miss my family but am glad I got to have a long weekend before leaving.
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Too bad she missed out on a good run!
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Mae is the best face to see after a 9-mile run.
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Perfect fall mornings
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NovemBeer festival
Untitled Untitled
We always have fun with this group!

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