Friday, March 24, 2017

Park Meadows Field Day

Last week Justin took a break from work for a couple of hours to watch Everly during her field day at school. Luckily they had the Kindergarteners go earlier in the morning so it wasn't too hot. They also had some activities in the gym. I am not sure how they do it with the older grades but for Kindergarten every gets a completion ribbon and there are no real races or anything. They are more just interested in getting the kids excited about being active. Everly doesn't really have that competitive itch yet so I am fine with that. She actually cried when someone caught her in game of tag so yeah, we need to work on that. Justin took some video though and she looked like she was having fun. He works like 5 minutes from her school which is super convenient for times like this. He does need to work on his video skills a little though!

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