Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pictures Update!

This week we got in a couple of recent pictures of Everly so I wanted to share them here. First, her Spring Pictures from Kindergarten came in. I am completely aware that this crap is just to take my money, but my kid is cute and I can't not buy the picture. HERE are her pictures from the fall. It is crazy how much they grow throughout the year. She was very proud of her pose in the Spring picture. Also, I know I am biased, but I really think she is the cutest kid in her class. Her soccer pictures from the Spring Season also came in. Since a few of the girls were returning, they are the Unicorns again. I love her soccer picture. She is so serious about soccer this season so it is really funny. HERE are her soccer pictures form back in the fall. I am so glad she is really loving soccer. All the other parents probably think I am nuts, but at least I actually know what I am talking about.

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