Thursday, September 29, 2016

Kindergarten Update

We just got back Everly's school pictures for Kindergarten so I thought it would be good to do a little update. First of all, how cute is that picture?!? I take a lot of pictures so she obviously has a lot of practice but man I love that little gap toothed smile. It's perfect. HERE is her picture from preschool! I can't handle it! Kindergarten has been going doing pretty good this year. She goes to before school care called "Stingers Club" each morning and eats breakfast there and plays so I can still get into work by 7:30. She seems to like it and it works out well so Justin can pick her up from school. Sometimes she falls asleep on the way home because she is obviously working pretty hard. She is working on site words and starting to read a little. She tends to write some numbers backwards sometimes but other than that, most of her worksheets come back with happy faces and very few errors. We will have parent teacher conferences at the end of next month so we will really get a better idea of how she is doing. Sometimes she is a little tired in the morning, but she never complains about going to school so that has got to be a good sign!

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