Saturday, October 1, 2016

2 Year and 5 Year Update

This week both Everly and Aspen had their annual checkup. With both of their birthdays so close we are able to tackle this in one doctor's appointment. I really like our pediatrician but I still don't want to spend any more time there then we have to. It was a relatively painless appointment. Aspen is still a little uncomfortable being there from all of her ear infection appointments before she got tubes put in, but she was definitely much better. She didn't even cry when she got her flu shot. Ev didn't want to get the flu shot but I think we talked about it too much before it actually happened. Last year she didn't cry at all so we thought that would happen again but got a little cocky, I guess. As far as growth goes, they are basically both perfect. Everly is 40 lbs. and 107 centimeters which puts her in the 53rd and 46th percentiles for weight and height. This is also exciting because she can ride so many more rides at Disneyland next week. Basically, the only rides she can't go on are Indiana Jones and California Screaming which I don't think we could convince her to do anyways. I am really excited to see her face on so many more rides! Aspen is 23 lbs. 8 oz. and 33 1/2 inches long. She is 11th and 38th percentile for height and weight but that is based on US numbers and so she is a lot closer to the middle on the World Health charts because US babies are big. She is still pretty tiny though! Next up is dentist appointments for both girls!

Yes, I still match them.  Dresses were only $3 though! (H&M)
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