Thursday, October 13, 2016

Disneyland Trip 2016: Goofy's Kitchen

Our third day and final day at Disneyland started out with breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. It was Everly's birthday this day so that is why we decided to do it that day. I considered other Character Breakfasts but ultimately decided to go with Goofy's Kitchen again because I like to go early before the park opens and I like the classic characters that you get to see. Also, I like the food! HERE is my post from our last time there. My favorite part is the omelette station but everything is really good. Everly wanted chicken nuggets with her breakfast and I tried a bite and even those were really good. Goofy's kitchen is in the Disneyland Hotel and I would just love to stay there one day! Breakfast is usually the best meal of the day for the girls as far as eating all of their food and eating good choices so they both did really well. I even let Everly eat worms in dirt because it was her birthday! We got pictures with lots of characters. Mae did not like them up close but was fine from a distance. Aspen wasn't quite as spooked as Mae but was definitely not ready for hugs or a picture. Everly did great and they even sung Happy Birthday to her! If you are going to Disneyland I definitely recommend looking into a character breakfast. We love them!

the gang!
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We love Chippy!
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When in Disneyland!

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