Monday, December 22, 2014

Disneyland Part 2: Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen and California Adventure

For this trip we decided to go with 2 1-park-per day passes. It saved us $75 and since we were taking this trip right before Christmas we waned to save where we could. This just meant that we couldn't hop back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure. We chose to go to California Adventure on Friday and Disneyland on Saturday. On Friday morning we also had reservations to eat breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel (I know, contradictory to my whole saving money comment). We did this last time and honestly we really enjoyed it and it was great again. Everly loved seeing all of the characters coming around and Teddy did too. They all eat really well and my made-to-order omelets was delicious. I think next time I might make reservations to do a lunch or dinner at Ariel's grotto. We packed lunches for our days at the park and the drive so I felt okay splurging on one meal. Also, the kids are still free so that helps. On Friday, we were well aware of the high probability for rain and the weathermen were right! It rained until about 10 or 11ish. It definitely made things more difficult but I think we were pretty well prepared. The day before we left my sister bought us rain covers for our double jogging strollers so the babies were covered. My sister-in-law also brought us some ponchos, which is a must! After it stopped raining the rest of the day was great. I utilized the baby center to nurse Aspen in and that was awesome because I could also charge my phone in there and Everly loved the toddler potty in there (I should note she did great and had no accidents the whole weekend). Everly's favorite rides were The Little Mermaid and probably the ferris wheel. She also loves the rides in the Bug's Life area. She got to see the Disney Jr. show and finally made it to Turtle Talk with Crush. She cried at the end because she didn't get to ask Crush a question, haha. She was asleep for the beginning of World of Color but she did wake up and get to see some of it which is good because it is really cool. It is really neat right now because it is holiday themed and there are lots of frozen songs incorporated. Also, while we were waiting in line for the ferris wheel, one of the attendants gave Everly a button that she was an "Honorary Citizen of Disneyland." It was so sweet and she felt very special. THAT is why Disneyland is magical. They had Santa Claus in one of the shops so Everly took a picture with him as well right before we left for the night. Also, while this was a busy weekend with the holidays and all, Everly still got to ride a lot of rides. She probably went on the Little Mermaid like 4 times. She went on the Ferris Wheel, 3 rides in Bug's Life area, the Mater ride in Cars Land, the Monster Inc. ride twice, the Toy Story ride, the Zephyr, the Carousel and she saw a couple of shows, World of Color and a the Pixar Parade...and we even left the park for a little so she could nap. I am really excited because I think by the next time we go she will be able to ride almost every ride there! Can't wait to take her on Soarin, Cars, and Goofy's Flight School! Now, for picture overload...

     IMG_2517 IMG_2883IMG_2492 IMG_2507
IMG_2518 IMG_2520
IMG_2527 IMG_2501
IMG_2872 IMG_2867
IMG_2868 IMG_2552 IMG_2576
IMG_2823 IMG_2814
IMG_2871 IMG_2568 IMG_2873

IMG_2877 IMG_2611 IMG_2628

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