Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Visit from Grandpa

Just before Aspen was born my dad had to move to Michigan for work. Even though he travels a lot and we don't see him a ton, it still sucked that he couldn't be there for the birth, baptism, or Everly's birthday. He did happen to be back in town for work a couple of weeks ago so we were happy to have him over for dinner. We made a comforting pasta dish with cappers garlic bread and busted out a bottle of wine we have been saving for about a year and a half from when we went to Keuka Lake for my family reunion (it was delicious by the way). Everly was very excited to see her Grandpa and he brought her a hello kitty pez dispenser which I just caught her sneaking into after dinner last night. A couple days later we went to dinner for Justin's birthday and invited my dad to come along. It was nice to spend a little more time with him before he had to go back. I am thankful for technology because we have been able to FaceTime while he is in Japan for work and well it is no replacement for getting to actually see him it is definitely better than nothing. We miss you, Grandpa!


Everly made a mess that night. 

Aspen joins us for dinner
IMG_1595 IMG_1598

Wine from Keuka Lake and pasta recipe from Skinny Taste

Fishing with Grandpa

At Jusitn's birthday dinner. 

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