Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. For the 3rd year in a row we started the day off with a 5-mile run. Even Justin ran 5-miles at home before I left to run with my sisters. After the run we had a French toast breakfast at my sister's house. One of my sister's gave me a manicure and the other one took my kid to the park to play. The kids also created turkey hands with paint and we hung them on the wall next to all of the things everyone is thankful for. We looked through black Friday ads and relaxed throughout the day. Dinner was very yummy and Teddy and Everly ate at the table with us. I think we need to get them their own toddler table though. Cam did great as well and ate all the food we ate. He also loved his pumpkin pie grandma made him. After dinner but before dessert we ran to Target for a few early black Friday specials. The next morning Justin went to home depot at like 4 AM to get us a black Friday Christmas Tree deal because our old tree is too tall for our new living room. When he got back I met my sisters at like 6:30 AM for some shopping with baby Aspen. She loved being worn in the baby bjorn by Grandma. I didn't get anything big this year but I did get a trampoline for a great price for Teddy's birthday and some little things for Everly to open. My mom also got Aspen a play mat which she needed and loves. We didn't wait to give it to her and she loves it and we love that, too! We also got the Costco Cookbook and I enjoyed looking through that while enjoying my leftovers on Black Friday. It was kind of an exhausting weekend but filled with fun for sure!

morning run: check!
our two cuties in their thanksgiving shirts
IMG_0872 IMG_2056
IMG_2055 IMG_2062
The thankful wall
Watching grandma make mashed potatoes.
Thanks for the manicure Krystyn!
Our crew (missing Alex in Mexico, though)
cutest shopping buddy!
Grandma's favorite...for a few more months, at least!
leftovers and the Costco cookbook!
Auntie Katy does this a lot.
A little shopping with Ev later in the afternoon. She turned socks into a inventive!

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