Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014: Christmas Day and the day after...

Overnight on Christmas Eve Everly got pretty sick. She was coughing and having a really hard time breathing. It was so sad. I woke up early and made a delicious pumpkin coffee cake and then went to my sister's to pick up some chest rub for Everly. It did seem to help but her rough night of sleep turned into a kind of sad Christmas morning. It took her forever to even get slightly interested in the presents. Aspen was also starting to catch what Ev had but didn't have a fever yet and was in a good mood. After opening up presents at home we went to my sister in law's house for breakfast. It was delicious as usual! We were not surprised when Everly fell asleep over there and Aspen took a great nap there as well. After that we went home and got ready to go to Justin's aunt's house before going back to my Mom/Sister's for dinner. One of Justin's cousins has young girls and Everly always has fun playing with them. We got over to my sister's just in time for a yummy Ham dinner. We always get a Honeybaked ham. There were lots of cookies and yummy pies for dessert and by the end of the night we were pretty tired. My plan was to work the next day in the afternoon but that didn't end up happening. I took Everly in for an early appointment just to make sure everything was okay and she ended up needing a chest x-ray so they could rule out pneumonia. Thankfully she didn't have that but we did have to give her breathing treatments with the nebulizer, which she hated. She passed her sickness onto her sister and Dad also which is awesome. Somehow I have managed not to get sick but I would much rather me get sick then them anyday! Hopefully next year goes a little more smoothly!

Christmas Eve. She was so sad.
seriously this is sooooo good.
IMG_3116 IMG_3119
Everly was not quite sure why we were making her open presents but Aspen was happy.
Larkins Chrismas Morning. I wish I had a picture of Remi making out with the Pluto toy he got!
At one point all 3 babies were asleep, and then Remi ruined it. He needs to pick up his napping game.
Everly playing with Justin's cousin's kids.
IMG_3138 IMG_3137
Ev was actually in a good mood which was good but she hated the nebulizer.
IMG_3143 IMG_3152
Aspen was such a good baby all day and then Ev passed out next to me on the couch while I was nursing and then didn't even want to wake up for dinner. She was exhausted.

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