Friday, December 19, 2014

Disneyland Part 1: The Drive & Downtown Disney

So I am going to break our Disneyland Trip into a few posts because there are just too many cute pictures so this first one is all about our drive and our first night where we went to Downtown Disney. We took our time leaving Thursday morning and making sure we had everything. We ended up leaving around 9:30 or 10 AM I think. I wasn't planning on it but I did have to sit wedged in between the car seats for almost all of the drive there because Aspen was a little needy. She wanted to be touched. Everly didn't really sleep much but she was still pretty well-behaved. My mom and sister made her a little bag of activities to keep her busy and she loved it. We stopped in Blythe, CA at our favorite stop, Starbucks. My sister met us there and the kids ate lunch. Starbuck's probably hated us because we were hectic and spilling drinks and breaking stuff, sorry! We gained an hour on the way out there so it was like 3 ish California time when we got in. My sister in law Carly was sharing a room with us and was already there. She even saved us a parking spot by putting a cone in it, haha. Our hotel was nothing fancy by any means but we got it for $50/night thanks to my brother and sister in law and it was large and only a 10 minute walk from the entrance to the parks so I was very happy with it. Also, they have free breakfast! After we got all settled we headed to Downtown Disney for dinner. We went to the ESPN Lounge with all my family because the Cardinals game was on. The wait was going to be long but we ended up getting immediate seating on the patio which was awesome because it backed right up to the skating rink. The weather was cool but we had heat lamps and it was pretty fun. We stopped into the giant World of Disney store so I could get a gift for my other sister-in-law who is so awesome and agreed to watch our dogs and cat again. We were all fairly tired from the travel so we did not stay out late as we knew we had an early morning the next day. Aspen slept in a travel crib and Everly slept in our bed. She didn't leave either of us much room but she slept, so that's good. She definitely reminded us why we don't let her sleep in our bed anymore (and why we have a king), though!

IMG_2449 IMG_2430
So Everly had a hard time around the concept that we were in California. We told her we were going California and when we crossed over we said, we are in California but she just kept asking where it was. Haha. She also heard the GPS say "Exit towards Santa Ana" and she thought it was talking about Santa! Haha!
IMG_2453 IMG_2445 IMG_2444 IMG_2443
Needy Apsen, Everly's Acitivites, and our jam packed Prius. There is a double BOB jogging stroller back there, and yes, that is a loaf of bread.
Cousins meeting up in Blythe.
Oh, Carly! Haha!

This was fun....not!
IMG_2480 IMG_2482
Justin doing his prom pose and cousins kissing Olaf.
IMG_2485 IMG_2486
Sleeping beauties!

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