Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hot Chocolate 15k

Two years ago when I started to get serious about eating better and working out regularly I got into running. I started with Couch to 5k and then decided I wanted to run something farther. Up to this point my longest run besides playing soccer had been the Pat Tillman 4.2 mile run. I looked into some races and decided I wanted to do the Hot Chocolate 15k because I was not quite ready to commit to a half marathon yet and wanted something in between. I trained for 12 weeks with my sisters and did really well and posted about it here. Since then I have run a 10k and 2 half marathons and had another baby. We decided to do this race again (last weekend) as a motivation to start running after having my second baby. It was definitely different this time around. I am a lot slower than I used to be and that can be frustrating but I got out there and ran 9.3 miles less than 3 months after having a baby so I know I need to be proud of that. Also, I have no injuries which I am also very happy about. I wish the run had started a little earlier in the morning and I wish they didn't have such a gap in between corrals, but the weather was amazing ( I was wearing a tank in December) and the chocolate after was delicious! Also, we got cool jackets and a medal this year! I have a feeling this is going to become a run we do every year! Thanks to my mom for helping with my babies for the race and while we trained. We had a much bigger group run it this year as well which is always more fun!

IMG_2333 IMG_2331
Justin and I before the race and Katy and I in matching pants
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Race Photos
The whole group...and Evie and Ted
Do you have 3 sisters that will train for and run a 15k with you? I do.
IMG_2340 IMG_2334
We had to share our finisher's cup of chocolate goodies with Ev.
Justin ran really fast and I just had a baby...so we are pretty awesome!

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