Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Family Photos 2016

We got our pictures back from our family photo session a couple of weeks ago up in Flagstaff. I like to take pictures of this time of year because it is around the girl's birthdays and so we get to capture their growth each year. Also, doing pictures this early allows me to knock out my Christmas Cards early each year. I still love our pictures from last year with my friend Jamie. (here). Aspen was actually pretty difficult last year and was about the same this year. I think we still got great pictures but man I hope next year she does better. Everly of course, was a champ. We took these pictures with Julia Romano Photography and it was a great, quick process. I am so glad we decided to take these up in Flagstaff because it was such a nice change of scenery. I have already turned these into a photobook from Shutterfly and can't wait to order our Christmas cards, too. Here are some of my favorites:

_DSC7652copy _DSC7792copy _DSC7705copy _DSC7690copy _DSC7752copy _DSC7674copy _DSC7628copy _DSC7779copy _DSC7609copy _DSC7612copy

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