Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Aspen!

Last Friday was Aspen's 2nd birthday. She is so much fun and so cute despite the fact that she is definitely starting to show some terrible two behaviors. With Everly, she was fine at two and more of a threenager so we will see if it is different with Aspen. I had the day off Friday so after dropping Everly off at school, I took Aspen on some errands and let her play at the mall. It was fun to have some one on one time with her. She is still so tiny I can wear her but also now eating at the big girl table at daycare so it's a little sad that our baby is growing up. On Friday night, we had a little Sesame Street family party at home and it went really well. My dad happened to be in town as well as one of Justin's Aunts and Uncles so that was really cool that they could make it. We kept things really simple with the party and got pizza and salads from Costco but my sister did help me decorate some cookie monster cupcakes. They turned out pretty cute. We didn't even buy Aspen anything because we are going to Disneyland in less than 2 weeks so I am sure we will spoil her there. Plus, she got plenty of gifts from our family so she is set! We love you baby Aspen and hope you had a great 2nd birthday!
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Of course, birthday girl had her own special cake.
Aspen really liked this cheap Party City backdrop. She can name all of the characters!
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Mae Mae eating cupcakes and Aspen with her Elmos.

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