Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Craft Day: Soccer Mom Edition

We are fully into Everly playing soccer now. She has practices on Wednesdays and games on Saturdays. It has been going pretty well but it can be a little stressful to watch for me. I am naturally competitive and she's just not very aggressive yet. Trying to be patient, but it can be hard! She is having lots of fun though. In a couple of weeks it is our turn to bring after game snacks. I picked up some snacks and juice boxes but also wanted to make some matching hair ties for the girls. Nothing too crazy, but something simple the girls could have and would match each other. I picked up some ribbons in their team colors at the craft store and some hair ties and my sister helped me tie them on while I burned the edges to keep them from fraying. They are very simple but the girls are so small so I didn't want anything big and elaborate that would be a distraction. I think the girls will like them. I already caught Everly putting hers in her hair the other night.

very cheap
simple but cute!

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