Friday, September 9, 2016

Labor Day Weekend: GCU Soccer!

We had a great long labor day weekend which included 2 visits to GCU to watch my sister play soccer. On Friday night we packed dinner and picked up Jimmy Johns on our way out to the game. It was still pretty hot and Aspen was a little fussy so that made things a little more difficult but they were playing NAU which is usually a decent rivalry so we wanted to go. Also, they were giving away Nike cool towels so we were excited to get those. The lope mascot was at the game Friday night and Mae seemed interested but as soon as she gave him a high five she freaked out and started crying and shaking. It was sad but also funny. They ended up killing NAU 5-0 which was crazy because it was their first win of the season. On Sunday night they had another game I decided to go just alone with Everly since Friday night was a little more difficult with Aspen. It was a little bit cooler and that made all of the difference. It wasn't a blowout, but they did win again which was nice. This weekend she plays in a tournament in Flagstaff and we are excited to go up and watch her. We are going to go up Saturday night and then take family pictures up in Flagstaff Sunday morning before watching her game. I am so looking forward to the cool Flagstaff fall weather!

Untitled Untitled
Aspen stealing someone's yogurt and Mae before meeting the lope
Untitled Untitled
Teddy and the blow up lope
If you give me a cute baby, I am going to take her pictures.

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