Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Preschool Pictures and a 4 Year Checkup

So we recently got Everly's Preschool pictures back and they are basically perfect. That girl is such a cheese ball. I love her little smile. I took her to her 4 year checkup yesterday and she was such a champ. Her next checkup will be after she starts kindergarten so she had to get 4 shots. I told her she would get a cool Band-Aid and she wasn't even worried. Not only did she not cry but she kind of giggled. The girl was fast with them but I know Ev is a tough little girl, too. Her sister on the other hand, screamed bloody murder at the doctor's office this morning while he cleaned her ears out so he could look in them. It was joyous. Ev is at the 59th percentile for weight and 35th for perfect. She answered all of the doctor's questions and I feel like it was such an improvement from last year. Preschool is doing her well!
IMG_0561 IMG_0562

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